Our mission is to produce high quality pelleted animal feed products, trade named Fiber Factor® Feeds for cattle, sheep, swine and goats.  Our Champion Equine Premium Natural® Feed is a premium blended ration for horses.  See our equine products at http://championequinefeed.com/ 

IABF products are all natural and superior to existing products.  IABF products deliver effective fiber and high protein content because they have been created using our patent pending process called Crop Residue Augmentation and Nutritional Enhancement (CRANE) to unlock the natural nutrients normally unavailable in feeds and forages.  The IABF products are fresh, nutritionally balanced and our taste tests indicate high levels of palatability so animals prefer the taste to traditional feeds. 

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We Deliver

Quality Products that Help Make You Successful - Iowa Agricultural Bio Fibers (IABF) has a reputation for delivering quality agricultural products that make a noticeable difference.  The difference is the health of your animals.  Our products for horses, cattle, sheep, swine and goats promote animal health and growth.  We employ a science based approach for improving existing feed products and developing next generation feeds that has been validated through university research and feed trials.  We believe that excellence does not just happen, it must be created. 

Sustainable "Green" Solutions  - IABF creates and manufactures products that are both safe and earth friendly.  We believe that we should act in a way that makes us good stewards of the land by employing best practices in sustainable agriculture. 

Customer Focused Way of Doing Business - Our business model was designed to make it easy for you to work with us.  Let us know your needs and your challenges and we will work with you to meet your expectations.  Our website explains who we are, what we do, what products we currently make and why our products represent a good value for you, the customer.  We are continually working on R&D initiatives with academic and agribusiness leaders to address current and future industry challenges.  If you have any suggestions for us please contact Jake@IABF.biz  712-579-5138