Fiber Factor

IABF exhibited its Champion Equine Premium Natural®

Author: Iowa Agriculture Digest
Posted: 02/01/2014

March 7-9, 2014 - IABF exhibited its Champion Equine Premium Natural® products in Lincoln NE at the "No Bull Just Horses" Exposition. Iowa Agricultural BioFibers (IABF) announced that it is increasing the dealer and customer network for pelleted Fiber Factor® horse feed. IABF partners have found that a horse’s daily diet should contain 50% fiber and since IABF pelleted cattle and sheep feed often includes rations of more than 50% fiber, it was natural and logical that IABF should develop and provide pelleted feed for use by horse owners.  IABF pelleted horse feed is a complete ration including supplements and minerals requiring no other hay or grain, which is very convenient when traveling; especially when riding on public lands that require that certified weed free hay be used. For more information about dealers contact Jake Schechinger, Operations Manager 712-579-5138