Fiber Factor® Product Lines

IABF develops, tests, and produces all natural sustainable "Green" products.  All Fiber Factor® product lines are distributed in a pelleted form and are made from crop and mineral matter grown or mined in the USA.  Depending on which IABF  Fiber Factor® product is being made, the formula varies.

The highest percentage of the raw material content of Fiber Factor® products is derived from corn and soybean crop residue and grain based substances.

The Product Lines are:  
Livestock Feed
Kitty Litter | Animal Bedding
Planting Mulches | Soil Conditioners

For in-depth information about any of the product lines, please click on the links associated with the Product Line in which you are interested.

IABF – Pelleted Feed Pays Off
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Iowa Agricultural Bio Fibers has a reputation for delivering quality agricultural products that make a noticeable difference.
IABF-Pasture Extender Ration
Adding Value with IABF Pasture Extender Ration.
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