Horse | Champion Equine

Tired of feeding supplement after supplement? Then Champion Equine is the feed for you!

No need to buy supplements anymore! Champion Equine is a soft pellet designed for the horse and owner in mind. This all natural feed is a complete feed that suits the needs of horses from maintenance to hard working, foals to seniors. The soft pellet is designed for easy chewing for all horses. The all natural ingredients in the feed make the feed easy to digest and the horses love it! Shiny coats, healthy weights, happy horses and great performance, what else can you ask for?

Why Champion Equine?

Champion Equine is produced from high quality, all natural ingredients.

Champion Equine provides all natural low starch energy

Champion Equine has created an ample amount of fiber and protein to provide the best for the maintenance and growth of your horse.

14% Horse Feed
15% Horse Feed
Fiber Factor